Monday, March 28, 2011

(CONT'D) The Pictures.

Fashion Show 3/27/11

3-27-11 Was the day of a Fashion Show/Fundraiser held at the Crown Plaza. It was a huge event that was filled with many people and the largest assortments of clothes, jewelry, crafts and much more! It lasted for a couple of hours and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Raffles were being held at intermission so the guests ad a chance to win a hat, jewelry, different accessories, etc. Lol, my grandmother actually won a hat, she had a great time as well! The whole purpose of the event of course was the Fashion Show. We had 3 male models and the rest were women. The scenes were Campus Life, Dress for Success (Job Interview), Party Life, Furs, and Casual. The models were amazing and some of whom was their first time ever walking, you would have never known. We wore clothing from a store called Georgia Furs, Coldwater Creek &, "Forbidden Look." Located in Camden and they have really beautiful pieces from the Company Buyer, Summurluv! *For more information, E-mail them at STAY TUNED FOR PICTURES (: